Meet Julie

Julie McManus is an Internationally-accomplished senior executive with 15+ years demonstrated results as a management consultant, leader  and practitioner in enterprise learning and development, operations management, retail, logistics, executive coaching and strategic management. Julie has proven success in training facilitation/measurement, M&A, budgeting, Six Sigma/Lean principles and performance improvement management and has held key executive roles reporting to c-suite executives. She consistently optimizes operating results through organizational development, operational efficiency, and application of best practices to yield world-class business solutions. Recognized by associates and clients as a visionary leader who supports, trains, encourages and nurtures teams to deliver consistent and high-quality customer service, Julie McManus is a motivational, lead-by-example change agent and advocate of empowerment and accountability providing diplomatic and participatory leadership ensuring efficiencies in process, control, compliance, profitability and shareholder value.

Key Competencies

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Executive Coaching

  • Strategic Planning

  • Training & Development

  • Operations Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Certified Leadership Coach

  • Program/Project Management

Why People Love Working With Julie

Read our client testimonials

I have no doubt in her ability to increase both the performance and skill levels of the groups with whom she works.

“Julie has a valuable combination of both practical work/supervisory experience and top flight project management skills. She connected well with people at all levels and was valued for her ability to deliver what the ‘customers’ needed. She has excellent technical expertise, but applies it in a way that is seen as enabling rather than directing. I have no doubt in her ability to increase both the performance and skill levels of the groups with whom she works.” -Joe Eulberg, Senior VP Human Resources

“Her ability to listen, learn, and observe current work processes, enables her to envision and develop programs that surpassed client expectations by making “game changing” improvements in employee performance. She is constantly educating herself and looking for opportunities to improve on approaches, tools, and techniques, so that her capabilities evolve within ever-changing business environments.”
Stephen Hamilton, Sinclair Group
“Delivers on commitments made, maintains high quality standards, constructively challenges existing thinking, delivers results on time and within margin, communicates openly and effectively, high results orientation, super team player, role models initiative and commitment to make things happen.”
Fabio Rosatti, Gemini Consulting
“Julie is a hard working and dedicated executive of the highest integrity. She is committed 100% to anything she takes on and is loyal to both employees and the company. Julie is one of the most results oriented individuals I have worked with.  Julie is forward looking and can gauge the impact and consequences of processes and procedures on the larger organization.”
Rob Rozanski, HR Director, Nash Finch